New tour dates for the Brasel-Darling International Combine Band

Wayne Brasel and bassist Wayne Darling will be teaming up again for some quartet concert dates in Norway this april. Rounding out the group will be american drummer Howard Curtis and norwegian tenor sax player Tor Yttredal.Brasel and Darling have worked together on many tours and cd projects.. the two Wayne Darling band cds and a Wayne Brasel trio cd called " Popart ". Darling brings with him many years playing jazz and touring with the Woody Herman band , Stan Getz, Joe Henderson and many others. Howard Curtis also a musician with many years experiece playing with many of the most influencial jazz musicians in the east coast jazz scene. Tor Yttredal is an exciting norwegian sax player who just finished recording with the Wayne Brasel band on the soon to be released " Stavager Songs" cd. Tor also brings with him his background of playing with the most influencial norwegian jazz musicians on the scene today.

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